Cucumber-Hummus Quesadillas

IMG_6266.jpgRecently I have been craving the toasted, crunchy texture of tortillas after they’ve been sitting on a hot pan, the taste that comes from crispy quesadillas. I don’t know about you, but there isn’t really any vegan cheese available to me so to satisfy my craving I decided to get creative in my quesadilla making.

The Recipe:
I started by going to my salad bar and filling one container with sliced cucumbers and another container with raw garbanzo beans. In my dining hall, salad bar ingredients can be put IMG_6259into disposable to-go containers, but if that is not possible you may have to bring a container with you in your bag and transfer the ingredients once you pay. Then, I went over to the spice area (at my school we have a spice selection next to the condiments) and generously sprinkled dill and basil leaves on the garbanzo beans before taking
everything back to my dorm room. As far as portions go, you’ll have to just decide how much you want to make. I took about 1/3 cup of cucumbers and about 1 cup of beans, but you don;t have to be very exact with this. Next, add a little salt and olive oil to the garbanzo beans and spices, and mash everything together using a fork or spoon until smooth (or smoother). Spread a thick layer of the hummus over one half of a tortilla and arrange the cucumbers on the hummus. Then, to help the sides of the tortilla stick to one another, put a little IMG_6262dollop of hummus on each cucumber slice and fold the tortilla over. Heat a frying pan over medium heat and leave the quesadilla on the pan until golden brown and flip. And that’s it!


Of course, there may be some of you that cannot achieve this because of the resources you have. Peppers, broccolis, mushrooms, or spinach could always replace cucumbers, and two slices of bread could replace the tortillas. I also recently made an excellent almond butter-banana quesadilla with cinnamon and shaved coconut, so really the possibilities are endless! Enjoy.


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