Curry Quinoa Chickpea Fritters

I really just did this to see if it was possible 😉 And it is! Getting fritters or patties to stick together is much more difficult when you aren’t using eggs, but chickpeas can act as a good replacer if their mashed.

The Recipe:

IMG_6312Start by obtaining your ingredients: cooked quinoa, raw garbanzo beans, a handful of baby spinach, curry powder, salt, and coconut oil. Like most of my recipes, I got these things from my school’s salad bar, so alter as needed. The amounts for this recipe are also hard to say, you may just have to play with it? Probably a little more chickpeas than quinoa, and curry powder and salt to taste. Start by quickly wilting your spinach. Put a little oil in a pan on medium heat, plop in the spinach, and stir for about 30 seconds (it really doesn’t take long!). Then mix all the ingredients together with a fork, focusing on mashing the chickpeas as if you were making hummus. I added a little olive oil to this just to get the consistency more of what I wanted, so you may have to add something here and there. Then use your fingers (or a IMG_6318.jpgspoon) to form the mixture into little balls and press into flatter disks. You don’t want them to be too thin though, otherwise they will fall apart. Then put them on a pan over medium to low heat, and make sure there’s enough coconut oil on the pan to prevent sticking. Leave them on the pan until golden brown and flip.

As I always point out, these can be varied. You can add any vegetable to these, such as kale, chard, roasted red peppers, corn, etc. in place of the spinach, and other spices besides curry would work well too. I did not have the right ingredients, but these fritters would go great with a mango chutney, or other sweet sauce. Or, just plain as a protein-rich snack or side dish. Enjoy.


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